National University «Odessa Maritime Academy»

In 2016, the Academy entered into a new status and name: - University.. In accordance with the decree of the Ukraine Cabinet of Ministers from June 15, 2015 No. 623-R and the decree of the President of Ukraine from August 25, 2015, No. 500 since the 1st January, 2016 Odessa National Maritime Academy (ONMA) was reorganized by its transformation into the National University "Odessa Maritime Academy" NU "OMA". is the successor of Odessa National Maritime Academy.
Odessa Maritime Academy for a long time and well known in the global maritime community. Over the years since 1944, our school had various names: the Odessa higher marine college (OHMC), the Odessa higher engineering marine school (OHEMS), Odessa state Maritime Academy (OSMA), Odessa National Maritime Academy (ONMA), National University "Odessa Maritime Academy" (NU "OMA"). Throughout the history of the University was provided with high professionalism of scientific and pedagogical staff, standards of education and practical training of the students, relevant international and national requirements. NU "OMA" is the leading educational, scientific and methodical center, which defines the strategy and development of maritime education in Ukraine. The main objective of the University is to ensure the competitiveness of graduates in the global labour market. NU "OMA" is an active member of the International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU), the Black Sea Association of Maritime Institutions (BSAMI). Representatives of the University regularly participate in the assemblies, committees and subcommittees of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in the composition of official delegations of Ukraine and the International Association of Maritime Universities. In 2015, the Academy has participated in various international research projects funded by the European Commission: MARINE, CruiseT, TATU, QANTUS.
During the years of Ukraine independence National University "Odessa Maritime Academy" opened a new specialties, has created a network of separate departments, including: Azov Maritime Institute (in Mariupol), Danube Institute (Izmail), Maritime College of technical fleet, Maritime College A. I. Marinesko, Department of the Navy. A contingent of cadets and students on the basis of structural units has reached 12 thousand people. In addition, advanced training in the University take part more than 5 thousand sailors annually.
Thanks to the participation in international projects, sponsorship of companies such as V. Ships, MSC, OSM, BSM, MOL and others, the University has modern material and technical base and the newest marine equipment. In the 2014-2015, the University commissioned new laboratories and simulators: the Department of ship management – full mission ship handling simulator with 6 suspension bridges, at the Department of Maritime transport simulator ballast-cargo operations of ships, Department of marine electrical engineering and electrical engineering – a full-scale simulator complex of ship automated electrical power systems, at the Department of theory of automatic control and computer engineering laboratory of industrial automation with 4 mobile booths and a specialized computer class.
Every year, more than 900 cadets WELL "OMA" (excluding structural subdivisions) are swimming on the practice courts of the 130 companies in the world. More and more shipping companies Belgium, great Britain, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Norway, France, Singapore, Japan and other major Maritime States prefer graduates of our University. All the graduates NU "OMA" successfully employed for command positions on maritime vessels in enterprises, companies and organizations in the marine industry.


IMarEST is the greatest world's association of Maritime Engineers founded in Great Britain in 1889 for enhancing professional growth and scientific development of specialists in the field of ship's technical means.
IMarEST comprises about 15000 members in more than 100 countries of the world. In 1992 Odesa State Maritime Academy (ONMA) and Black Sea STT of water transport concluded a cooperation agreement with IMarE ( now IMarEST). In 1998 Ukrainian branch of the Institute was founded on the base of the Academy which comprises 200 members among which there are ship's engineers, professors, lecturers and students of the Academy.
"English Club", founded on the base of the Academy, allows young specialists to improve their professional language skills, to be aware of the latest scientific and technical achievements, to use technical journals, Institute's bulletins and other recent scientific and technical literature. Besides, members of the Institute participate in the work of conferences, seminars and meetings in Ukraine, Great Britain and other countries.