Article submission guidelines

А. Requirements for formatting text

  • Page format:A4, portrait orientation;

  • Font: Times New Roman;

  • Font size: 14;

  • Spacing: 1,5;

  • Indentation: 1,25 mm;

  • Document fields: 20 mm;

  • Alignment: on width;

  • Volume: from 5 to 30 pages;

  • Article language: Russian, Ukrainian, English.

B. Requirements to registration of article

  1. UDC, title, abstract, keywords in Russian and Ukrainian languages:

    • UDC (Universal Decimal Classification)

    • Title of the article (no more than 10 words, it does not contain abbreviations, strictly correspond to the content of article)

    • Initials and names of authors separated by commas (First Name Last Name, First Name Last Name…)

    • Abstract (not less than 35 words, no more than 50 words, it does not contain abbreviations, strictly correspond to the context of article)

    • Keywords (no more than 10 words, no abbreviations, strictly correspond to the context of the article, words use in the nominative case, separated by commas)

  2. Structure of article:

    • Introduction

    • Formulation of the problem and literature review

    • The purpose and objectives of research

    • The main part

    • Approbation of research results

    • Discussion of the results

    • Conclusions

    • Literature

    • Abstract and keywords in English

  3. Information about the authors in Russian, Ukrainian and English languages:

    • First and last name (full)

    • Position, rank

    • Place of work and address

    • Contact information (phone and e-mail)

    • Information about the availability of printed works in national and international databases (approximate)

    • The H-index (if available)

    • Number ORCID

  4. Other requirements:

    • The dimension of physical quantities specify in SI units.

    • The list of references provide in order of citation, in accordance with DSTU GOST 7.1:2006.. In this list it is preferable to specify articles in scientific journals, theses or conference proceedings, collections of research works, certificates of authorship, patents, dissertations, and other sources, but not older than 5 years, at least five ones.

    • Figures/tables cite in the text, without wrapping, after their first mention in the text. Reference to a figure or table in the text has the appearance of Fig. 1, Tab. 1. Titles of tables and captions of figures present in the text also. All figures have JPG format. The table has not empty cells.

    • Formulas type in formula editor Microsoft Equestion 3.0. Links to the formula in the text are (1), (2-4). Formulas are numbered. Numbering alignment to right-aligned. Formulas are centered.

    • The articles must overpass a referee process. If necessary, the article is returned to authors for revision. Date of receipt will be deemed the date of receipt of the revised. Materials with a negative review is not printed.

    • The editorial board reserves the right to abridge and edit the articles without the consent of the authors.

Look an example.

Postal address for sending a paper journal (for authors who does not live in Odessa, Ukraine)

Mandatory condition:: the recipient address must meet the requirements 6.2 of the License agreement))